Author/Director:  Tom Sommerlatte

Script development funded by: HessenFilm und Medien GmbH

Participant of RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab

Nun Johanna (early 40s) returns home after more than a decade of being away. “Home” is a dreary small town out in the sticks. Her sister, Caroline (late 30s), who has taken over their parents’ hotel, can’t believe her eyes when Johanna suddenly appears at the reception.

Reisende ohne Gepäck (No Baggage)


Author/Director:  Ben von Grafenstein

Script development funded by: FFA German Federal Film Board


The young men of Brocklingen (AT)


Author/Director:  Winfried Bonengel

FLEISCHWOLF iis a black comedy about structural change, attitude and morals and that problems processed into organic dog food are indeed bestsellers, but finally  nothing more than a short "respite".

Meat grinder (AT)