Code Name: Pastorius

The true story of a bungled Nazi invasion of the United States in 1942. We follow the invasion force of four hapless civilian saboteurs armed with explosives and memorized American songs. When they arrive in New York City, instead of bombing, they shop, whore, and drink. Soon, doubts about the mission lead to betrayal. The story also features a very lucky FBI agent, publicity hungry transvestite FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, and President Roosevelt -- who needs Nazi victims fast. A darkly humorous and sadly funny story of the fate of four bewildered, bumbling Germans blown around by the winds of war until they are stuck in a situation they regret.

Production: Osiris Media GmbH
Author: Peter Koper
Location: Germany, USA
Postproduction: Germany
Funded by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

copyright Osiris Media GmbH. All rights reserved.

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Code Name: Pastorius | The true nature of Lothar